Southern California based Indie/Electro/Pop singer, songwriter, keyboardist and music producer


Picture in studio, smiling, microphone Christina Iris

Why Christina Creates:

Originally from small-town in Pennsylvania, Christina Iris grew up with a strong desire to sing and create her own songs. Her most recent musical influences are ODESZA, Sia and ARIZONA.

She grew up singing with her brother, Mike, who played piano. They wrote their own original music, starting in elementary school. The duo’s performances began winning awards in their respective musical areas, from middle school through college.

Eventually, living in different states, they drifted into their own adult lives, doing their own things. Christina's ex-husband posed the statement, “choose music, or me,” when they were dating. And she chose him, thinking that was the responsible, “grown-up” thing to do. For a bit, she lost herself in that difficult marriage.

But there was a silver lining. During that painful time, her relationship with God deepened immensely, as she began realizing that she was loved, no matter what. This love gave her the strength and ability to love herself, and others around her more deeply.

“In a world with so many voices screaming for our attention, I know that mine will reach the people who need it, just as other voices have reached me, when I needed them.”

Years later, after her divorce, she was finally free again to breathe the fresh, creative air, and follow her passion to pursue music as a career.

Now, Christina and her brother have rejoined forces, working on her solo music, as he simultaneously works with other artists.

While it did take years, and a few paradigm-shifts in her thinking, Christina no longer struggles with severe depression. Music was such a large part of her healing process. And she finds it easy to connect spiritually with God, through it.

Hearing that others have found healing and encouragement through her music, gives Christina a stronger sense of urgency to move forward.



Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my new song, Flow! If you like that, you'll love my empowering, uplifting 6-song EP! It means a lot to have people who can relate with our experiences and encourage each other on our journeys through life. So, I'm glad you're here. I hope we can help each other in the tough times, and appreciate and celebrate the awesome times, too! Know that you’re loved and that you’re exactly enough.